Monthly Archives: February 2019

Running Again!

Because of the chemo port, I can’t do much lifting with my upper body. But, I can walk or jog for exercise. Back on November 5, I didn’t run my usual 5K trail because I’d didn’t feel good, that was the first indication that something might be wrong. Now, 3-1/2 months later, I’m feeling pretty good so I’m back to the trail … gonna get that 5k run in now. A bit of redemption!

Chemo Treatment #4

So, I’m getting the fourth chemo treatment today, February 6, 2019. It takes place in Fayetteville at my doctor’s office, not a hospital. It’s in a large room surrounded by windows so it feels welcoming. There are about 20 Lazy Boy recliners that patients sit in while getting the IV bags of chemo drugs. There’s nothing painful about getting the chemo, just waiting around for the six or seven IV bags to empty. The process takes about four or five hours for my particular treatment.

I feel great, absolutely normal today. The past couple of days it hasn’t even seemed like I have cancer. Side effects from last week were minimal so that’s been great. The strongest side effect has been cold sensitivity, akin to neuropathy. It means I can’t hold or drink anything cold for about a week after the treatment. Initially That only lasted a couple of days so the effect is lasting longer as I get more treatments. That’s normal though and in fact it’s not uncommon for the effect to linger for months after treatment stops. I think it’s the most preferable of the possible side effects.

Chemo in action